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I collect a lot of information. Basant is a tool to help me refine, reflect and understand the vast troves of data I generate. Think of it like a unified front end to all the data sources I have. From these vairous outputs can be created, with the end goal being a variety of ways to viualize, understand and share my data: matrix bot to publish to The Feed, a front page showing latest changes, and of course, my website.
I'd like to be able to draw 'links' or annotations between the tags I use across various different pieces of software, These are the tools I use construct the space.

The map is not the teritory.


Basant is made from various different data sources, each with their own folder. Each data source will have a grab, build, raw & output. grab gets the raw data, and build makes it into HTML Depending on the data source, there may be additional partial/ asset/ media/ folders in the directory. I'm not yet sure how to cascade these and build upwards. Some of those HTML files get published

For better ideas look into HPI and how it's structured


Currently kitaab-public requires a local copy of unfiltered kitaab stored in ~/vimwiki.

However, flakes can use private git repos, so maybe there's a way to build this bit too using nix?? TODO there needs to be a .vimwiki_tags file there (which can be built in vimwiki using :VimwikiRebuildTags; how to automate this?) TODO

It'll grab the relevant files, censor them, and then add them to raw/ kitaab-local should run the same thing, but without the filtering and censoring

streams is a big TODO

  • wallabag
  • shaarli
  • rss
  • kobo
  • tasks
  • habits


TODO depending on the file location (which is in turn determined by input source) a specific template gets applied links get made and it saves it to output


packaged devShell, module and derivation for basant created, but not quite working yet. Slowly understanding more about nix, but down a terrible rabbit-hole now with python and setuptools...